Individuals Assume The Sims 2 On Nintendo DS Is Haunted

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in 2014, with dozens of Sims followers requiring to the forum to share their experiences of horror within the game.See, while The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS seems a simple hotel simulator, it’s in fact much deeper than it first seems. While you do experience the activities of checking in visitors and taking care of your requirements in the typical Sims way, things obtain odd quickly in the video game. As in, within the initial five mins of gameplay your loyal companion Tristan begins groaning concerning his partner being lugged away by a pack of scorpions, and how he captured a meteor in his bare hands to get over the pain. G/O Media might get a payment After that, a rich crowd boss arrives and also threatens to damage your kneecaps. But what’s weirder is the cow cult that follows after, which you need to beat them by mobilizing an old mummy referred to as Horus Menhoset IX. Oh, as well as let’s not neglect the unusual emperor attempting to take control of the resort, or the awesome robot that settles in your penthouse.

It’s not specifically a typical video game, and also the feelings it produces has offered individuals the heebie-jeebies.”

There was certainly something creepy about that video game, “wrote Redditor LazerGuidedMelody in the thread.” There was something practically post-apocalypse concerning it … Despite there being people around the resort, the cocktail lounge, the street, it constantly really feels so vacant.” ” Among the initial stage of the video game you needed to do work for Frankie Fusilli that was like a mobster, that made you try and blow up the mayor,”created Lucaienn.”Later he would certainly make you bury a wriggling travel suitcase in the desert and also afterwards the mayor was no where to be located.” “The component that would certainly make me begin a brand-new video game entirely would be when the unusual intrusion happened with’the songs’, “Ginkos-lover wrote.”It would certainly have me so drank that I would start a whole brand-new save and make certain I never reached that factor.”

The mood of the video game was too much for Redditor Vio-lex.” I ‘d say I’m pretty interested in weird and weird things, yet Sims 2 on DS was as well available for me as a youngster,”they created in the string. “Strangetown looked deserted and also it had a really abandoned, abandoned atmosphere … The cult plot was especially weird for me when I was more youthful as well as still is.”

Yet it’s not simply the characters and story that have actually flipped out Redditors, it’s the whole aura of the video game. From the blocky graphics to the vacant streets and the music, it seems the game was naturally made to be creepy.

Allow’s listen in to a few vital bites from the game’s soundtrack: I do not find out about you, yet

that’s enough to offer me the shivers– as well as I enjoy the game. The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS remains among my favorite video games of perpetuity, however it’s tough to reject just how creepy it actually is. From its alien dissections to its strange, desert cults, it’s not surprising that players had headaches about the video game. Still, it’s always nice to see individuals talking about this underrated gem– also if it is to talk regarding how haunted it feels.

The video game is a superb suggestion of just how odd and fantastic The Sims can be.

You can view the entire Reddit thread right here, and also share your own experiences if you’ve ever before played this weird plot.