Warframe’s Next Large Update Will Release Concurrently On All Platforms Later This Year

The devs called it their greatest and also most large questline ever throughout a live demonstration of the brand-new update. Growth on the growth was slowed by the recurring covid-19 pandemic. It was first revealed back in 2019, something the devs joked about throughout TennoLive.

Regretfully, during the live stream, Warframe suffered major server problems due to the unanticipated quantity of players logging on to play the video game and also take part in a limited-time Relay Event which included some brand-new content. Actually, several of the devs involved in the online stream were, in real-time, monitoring the web server problems and also apologized to followers that had actually browsed through and were incapable to play in case. Web servers, they always fail when you need them one of the most!